Creative Soul Roots

Roots Art Journaling E-Course

The joy, freedom, and true expression you desire from creativity is closer than you think…

by Julia KWe've all heard that creativity has the ability to transform and heal lives… We know it can be our ticket to stress relief, and a deeper connection to who we really are.

So why does it feel so damn hard?

Perhaps you struggle with giving yourself permission to make the time, or you're so full of self-doubt or inner criticism that it's tough just to begin. Perhaps you find yourself getting caught on Pinterest or YouTube for hours, or buying so many supplies that now the choices are overwhelming.

Or maybe it's just that none of the techniques you've tried feels fulfilling because you're too focused on making it "perfect".

Now what?

What if... you were able to find everything you ever needed, right inside of you?

~ Join me for Creative Soul ROOTS ~

a journey into reclaiming our authentic, creative selves using art journaling

Creative Soul ROOTS e-course
Let's face it, the last thing you need is another tutorial or more art supplies. Been there, done that… it's not working so well. That's why I've designed ROOTS to help you reconnect with your own creative spirit, follow your intuition, and break free from the inner critic; all while getting back to basics with simple supplies and a journal.

You already have everything you need. Your authentic Soul voice is bright, beautiful, and patently waiting to freely express itself.

In this 6-week online e-course, we'll learn to let go of self-doubt and perfectionism, making room for our Soul to fully step forward - that part of us that innately knows how to bring forth magic, healing, joy, and transformation through creativity.

This class is made just for you if ONE or more of these are true:

  • You tend to be a perfectionist when creating and you can't just let loose.
  • You yearn to reconnect with your creative side, but you're full of self-doubt.
  • You want to use creativity to heal, relax, or to explore and express your true self.
  • You seem to gather more inspiration than you create.
  • You're ready to start listening to and trusting your intuition.
  • You find yourself continually comparing your art to others.
  • You want to find your true, authentic Soul voice or "style".

Art Journaling Roots E-Course

You are one wise, unique, infinitely creative, beautiful Soul. (I know, because we all are!) So I'm not interested in teaching you how to create like me. I want to see you soar with your own wings. I'm here to guide you in moving past self-doubt, judgement, comparison, and perfectionism, so you can make space for your Soul to step in with raw, REAL expression.

This class is far from learning how to make beautiful art journal pages… It's about coming back to our innate ability to create and tapping into our own creative power of healing and transformation. It's about building trust in the creative process and trust in ourselves as we surrender our hold to the outcome and allow our Soul to speak freely through imagery, color, and words. It's about growing our roots to create a strong foundation for an art journaling practice that can ultimately bring us relief, healing, more clarity, happiness, and self-awareness.

"Roots has been very freeing and has encouraged me to give myself permission to play." ~Karen Cericola

"This course got me thinking more about how to capture my thoughts and experiences in both a visual and written way. It has certainly led me onto the path of self-discovery and given me the courage to explore my creativity… and document it along the way." ~Joan Petranovich

Throughout our journey, my hope is that you will:

  pinkstar Reconnect with (& nurture!) your creative, intuitive side
  pinkstar Recognize and move past negative self-talk and fear
  pinkstar Rediscover how to play, make a mess, and follow your heart
  pinkstar Build trust in the creative process and trust in yourself
  pinkstar Feel the freedom to authentically express yourself
  pinkstar Overcome self doubt, perfectionism, and other creative blocks
  pinkstar Receive tools to stay in the flow and beat resistance

By the end of our journey together, you’ll have a deeper connection with your true creative self and a journaling practice that will nurture your Soul and will continually surprise, heal, and delight you.

Art Journaling Roots E-Course

Are you ready to awaken to your true {creative} self through art journaling?

You've invested in all the tutorials and supplies... now it's time to invest in YOU.

What’s included:

  pinkstar In depth videos, written lessons and personal guidance for 6-weeks
  pinkstar Exercises to help you overcome blocks and reconnect with your inner self & creativity
  pinkstar Meditations and visualizations to help guide your journey
  pinkstar Access to a private supportive Facebook group to connect with others
  pinkstar Lifetime unlimited access to the classroom so that you can revisit at any time

Sue"Kristal makes me believe that I CAN achieve, or attain whatever the project or exercise might be. I am really valuing the psychological input, which IS unique to Kristal and this course. It is really making me think about issues that I haven't really paid much attention to at all. But it is SO healthy and helpful to look at those. Maybe then they can be turned into a beautiful page, but the focus has shifted. There is substance and purpose in that page, there is the reality of life, not just a pretty picture." ~Sue Carey

"Before I took this class I didn't know how to start journaling; I kept putting it off even though I wanted to do it. This class has shown me how to start and has led me to put something in my art journal every day. I feel a lot better about expressing myself with words and experimenting with art." ~Annabelle Reid

Maxine"I have journaled before but found I was always worried about messing up the pages. This course helped me break free of that worry. The course is for the beginning and the experienced Journaler... getting to know how to start, learning that there is no wrong way to do art, and getting past your inner critic (big one). There is also the added bonus of making friends and sharing of ideas. I have already recommended Roots to my friends and will continue to do so." ~Maxine Lundbek

Here's a closer look at our journey:

Weeks 1 - 4: Grow Your Roots

Week 1: Building Sacred Containers

 pinkstar Find and create me-time with my 4 key steps
 pinkstar Claim your "why" to keep you on track
 pinkstar Create a sacred space or kit
 pinkstar Set the energy of your journal with rules & love

Week 2: Reconnecting to Soul & Intuition

 pinkstar Discover where your authentic creativity resides
 pinkstar Get clear on what's blocking your expression
 pinkstar Practice courage & give yourself permission
 pinkstar Build your own tool to shift into creative gear

Week 3: Play, Curiosity, & Experimentation

 pinkstar Nurture your inner artist & honor your path
 pinkstar Play with creative exercises to loosen up
 pinkstar Experiment with different supplies and tools
 pinkstar Face the blank page with excitement & courage

Week 4: Neutralizing the Inner Critic

 pinkstar Understand & learn to recognize your inner critic
 pinkstar Separate & differentiate yourself from the critic
 pinkstar Practice compassion & learn how to respond
 pinkstar Create with freedom beyond your critical voice

Weeks 5 - 6: Sprout & Grow

Week 5: Journeying into the Unknown

 pinkstar Build trust in the process & in your intuition
 pinkstar Explore where true expression is brought forth
 pinkstar Let go of your attachment to the outcome
 pinkstar Learn how to stop forcing & simply allow

Week 6: Flow & Resistance

 pinkstar Find comfort in embracing the "hard parts"
 pinkstar Discover how to literally turn off your critic
 pinkstar Optimize the conditions for insight and healing
 pinkstar Receive a toolkit to move past resistance

Special Bonuses!

A Peek into My Process

In this bonus video, I share what my overall practice looks like, what supplies and techniques I currently use, when & where I create, and so much more!

Find Your Style

In this collaborative e-book, a group of twelve artists share their story of how they found their style and share tips and exercises on how you can too!


quoteHow does this course work? Once registered, you’ll receive a login to access each week's content as it becomes available on a private website (with LIFETIME access!). The class runs for six weeks.

quoteDo I need art experience to participate? Absolutely not! We focus more on enjoying the process, getting messy, and having fun instead of trying to perfect specific art techniques.

quoteHow much time will I need? For the first five weeks, there's an average of four lessons per week that will each take approximately 10-30 minutes to complete (this includes reading/watching the content, then doing the exercise). I also encourage students to spend at least five minutes with their journal daily.

quoteWhat supplies will I need? You can definitely use whatever you have on hand, but if you prefer to use exactly what I will be using, there will be a simple supplies video available after you sign up.

quoteWill there be video transcripts? I plan to have them again as soon as possible, but I cannot guarantee they will be available during this first run of the course as I'll be updating all the content this summer!

quoteWhy did you name the course "Roots"? The name just came to me, and seemed to be a perfect fit as we'll be working on building a foundation or "growing our roots" for a transformative creative practice.

quoteHave any other questions? Feel free to email me at: hello{at}

A little about your guide, Kristal Norton:

Kristal NortonHey, I'm Kristal! A kooky, yet quiet introvert, artist, inspirationalist, author, creativity guide, recovering perfectionist & control freak, dreamer, art journaling fanatic, lover of texture, and seeker of everyday beauty.

As a mother of three, wife, and entrepreneur, I understand how busy our lives can get. I also understand that taking time for creative play and to listen to our intuition is essential or we risk feeling unfulfilled or like something's missing.

I’ve been there. It took a career change – after feeling empty and lost, even when from the outside, I was successfully selling my art and being featured in magazines and on TV – to make me slow down, take time for authentic creative expression, and truly look inside to discover my true self and what it is I'm really meant to do. And that's to live by my innate magnificence; while showing others how to do the same through the magic of creativity - a hidden power we ALL possess.

Over the last four years, I've helped thousands of women transform their self-doubting inner critic, reclaim their creativity, and realize their unique inner beauty through books, private coaching, and online programs.

I received my coaching certification through the Courageous Living Coach Training Program, and to feed my insatiable curious mind, I've studied fine art, graphic design, marketing, teaching, therapy, psychology, and more with the help of college professors, mentors, students, and good old-fashioned experience.

My passion lies in helping others truly shine. If you're ready to rekindle that creative spark, I hope you join us for this amazing adventure!