AIR – the invisible forces behind the artist’s journey

AIR - the invisible forces behind the artist's journeyHave you felt the pull?

There are unseen forces all around us, guiding us toward joy, but they can be subtle and as gentle as a soft breeze. These forces, whether you call it intuition, a gut feeling, or your heart calling you, are what keep you going in the right direction, if only you allow it. If only you listen.

In this book, I share my experience of breaking free from my own limitations, surrendering to the unknown, and finding freedom by following my heart. Let it be a guide to inspire you toward releasing all the "shoulds", forgetting what everyone else is doing, and embracing what your heart is calling you to do. This is about being true to YOU.

Inside, you will receive:

  • 23 beautifully illustrated pages
  • Inspiration to explore the unknown and listen to your heart
  • Poems and stories about my experiences
  • A peek into my studio
  • Practical lessons
  • Guest insights by Amanda Fall, Andrea Schroeder, and Mindy Tsonas

Air Ebook Sample Pages

Opening up to our heart allows us to break free from the constructs of our mind and see the world of possibility.

You were not meant to follow a herd. You were not meant to create with such perfection that it looks like every other piece that's been done before. Forget what everyone else is doing… what is your heart calling you to do?

This ebook is so very personal, it just doesn't feel right to sell it as a product.
It is my gift to you, no optin required.



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