Find Your Style

Find Your Style

"Your art is what you do when no one can tell you exactly how to do it."
~Seth Godin

Dear unique, infinitely creative soul (Yes, you!),

I believe we were all born with the gift of creativity. And not only that, but born with a unique set of talents, skills, gifts, traits, and more that make us truly one of a kind. We each have a voice that is distinctive and all our own, but so many of us feel that we've lost it, or never had one to begin with - especially when it comes to creativity.

We have access to all of the tutorials, classes, and inspiration we could ever want. And yet, many struggle with how to make it their own. There's a disconnect between learning a technique, and having the fulfillment of being able to use it to express themselves or a creative vision.

Perhaps you look around and see other artists creating freely, their voice coming through loud and clear… and you wonder how they make it look so easy. But the truth is, they're on a messy, thrilling ride of their life. No matter how much experience an artist has, they still struggle with inner critical thoughts, struggles, and bumps along the way. The experience comes in the form of learning to deal with these obstacles, learning to trust in yourself, and learning to become more of YOU.

Creating isn't just about making art… it's a journey of a lifetime.

This journey will push you to your limits, show you pieces of yourself you didn't even realize were there, and it will ultimately change your life. It will be full of inspiration, possibility, mystery, as well as fear, struggles, and obstacles. Just as we are all unique, each of our journeys will be unique… and it's only through this journey, that your voice will become clear.

It's true - there is no one formula to find or discover your artistic voice or style.

But with a deeper understanding of what this journey may have in store for you, you'll be able to confidently claim your own journey and take your next step.

That's why I invited eleven of the most inspiring artists to share their stories alongside me. Together, we represent a snapshot of what this journey has been for us… each story intertwining as one, but each beautifully unique.

Within our collaborative book, the twelve of us share our stories and our thoughts on what it means to find an artistic style, along with suggestions on how you can continue on your own path toward developing a distinctive creative style.

Our hope is that our stories, tips, and suggestions will give you the confidence to claim your own creative journey and discover what it is you're looking for.

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With love,

Are you ready to step up and claim your own artistic journey?
Get inspired to discover your next steps through stories and tips from twelve established artists for just $33.

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Meet the artists:

Phil Coucke

Are you ready to step up and claim your own artistic journey?
Get inspired to discover your next steps through our stories and tips for just $33.