FIRE – ignite your inner brilliance

FIRE - ignite your inner brillianceYou are more than your roles, your temperament, your story...

Who you are at the core is the you that is behind and beyond your ego. A whole, beautiful, loving light. Your Soul is magnificent - shining with the most brilliant light, full of infinite wisdom. And this guide, your Soul, is who you truly are.

You may not fully feel her presence, but her fire cannot be extinguished. Her coals may be burning low, but she patiently waits for you to nurture her flames.

My hope is that this e-book inspires you to begin the journey of reconnecting with your Soul, or to deepen that relationship, and to start shining your light into the world as brightly as you were meant to.

Inside, you will receive:

  • 17 beautifully illustrated pages
  • My story in how creativity led me to my Soul
  • Exercises to help you build connection to your own Soul
  • Guest insights by Connie Solera, Hali Karla, Bridgette Doer, and Rebecca Cavender

Fire E-Book Pages

The deeper your relationship with Soul, the brighter your light shines.

The world longs for you to be your full expression. It's time to return home to yourself.

This ebook is so very personal, it just doesn't feel right to sell it as a product.
It is my gift to you, no optin required.



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