My true passion lies in helping and teaching others, so I feel so blessed to live in a world where it's possible to share my classes with people all around the world.

All e-courses are hosted online and include unlimited access so that you may revisit at any time. I offer simple, step by step guides in a safe and loving environment which are perfect for beginners, those who think they "aren't creative", and even experienced creatives who are feeling stuck.

Within my e-courses, I always include a mix of cultivating creativity and self discovery. Because I know there's more to creating than just pulling out a paintbrush. It takes courage, self respect, and sometimes a lot of internal struggle. Let me be your guide as we tear down the walls that hold our innovative souls hostage, crush through creative blocks and neutralize that crippling inner critic. And while I may teach techniques and exercises that I know and love, each lesson is designed to leave you plenty of room for your own interpretation, in order to help you discover your own true creative voice.

Community Experience:

Soul Circle CommunityIf you're ready to dig deeper and truly reconnect with all of the hidden parts of yourself, then I invite you to join us in the Soul Circle Community. Our circle is a monthly sisterhood to support each other in exploring the beautiful depths of who we truly are through creativity, playfulness, and connection. To be clear, this isn't about learning more or doing more... It's a loving container to inspire and remind you to be the curious explorer of your inner world, and to nurture your relationship to yourself. Because in this fast-paced world of today, it's too easy to get caught up in the to-do lists and constant forward movement; we need reminders to slow down and reconnect. CLICK HERE to learn more and to join us!!

Guided E-Courses:

ROOTS - A Journey Into Transformative Art JournalingCreative Soul Roots - I believe you have everything you need to create a transformative art journaling practice, right inside of you. You don't need more tutorials or more supplies… what you DO need is a deep connection to your creative spirit. Join me, in a 6-week online journey towards remembering and reclaiming our creative magic and authentic Soul voice using art journaling.

Learn how to let go of judgement, transform negative self-talk, open up for self-discovery, and relearn how to create with child-like freedom as we get messy with paint, crayons, collage, and more to help you create from the Soul and watch your own style emerge.

Click HERE to learn more and sign up to start your personalized journey with me by your side!

On-Demand E-Courses:

Art Journaling 101Art Journaling 101 - Are you brand-spankin-new to art journaling and wondering what it’s all about or where to begin? This class has got you covered! I've designed Art Journaling 101 to gently introduce beginners to art journaling so you can find your way with more ease and less fear. We dive into the basics such as choosing a journal, supplies, beginner’s techniques, and more. As well as talk about the obstacles you may encounter such as finding time to journal, overcoming the fear of the blank page, and others. Click HERE to learn more.

What Students Are Saying:

"Kristal Norton is one of the best Art Journaling teachers I have come across! She is a down to earth instructor that makes art journaling for everyone, easy, and fun. I would recommend any class she offers, especially her Stamp Carving class!" ~anonymous
"When I watched the first video I was impressed at the genuineness and sensitivity of Kristal's approach. I felt that she really reached out to people and certainly felt relevant to how I felt about learning to Art Journal." ~Rosemary
"I love your comfortable non-perfectionistic style of teaching. I think this takes away some of the fear of trying something new. Thanks a lot :)" ~anonymous
"I loved taking this course with Kristal and would definitely take another one! I love her calm demeanor and ability to make the student feel comfortable. She is an inspiration!" ~anonymous
"Kristal's teaching is very informative (especially for first timers in art journalling). I enjoyed all her videos, her written explanations, with everything precise and to the point!! It can be a bit boring listening to some teachers go on and on, but Kristal kept all her videos short and interesting... which cuts out possible boredom for the person taking the lesson. Thank you very much Kristal." ~anonymous
"Kristal is a genuine teacher, she is friendly and supportive. I am glad I took this course [AJ101] because I can now art journal in a way I couldn't before - with less self-criticism and more acceptance." ~Jennifer Spedowfski-Martin
"Kristal has a creative and natural way about her. She helps you learn how to express yourself and not compare your work to others. Be who you are!" ~Amy Sheinberg
"Kristal has a natural, relaxed teaching method, which would make most beginners comfortable, trying new ways to express themselves through art." ~anonymous

I have collected many of my testimonials throughout my site from anonymous surveys, so if I have quoted you, please email me at hello{at}kristalnorton.com to let me know it was you! :)