Safe Haven Art Journaling

Safe Haven Art Journaling

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.”
~Joseph Campbell

Dear Beautiful Soul,

Art journaling is the perfect tool to work through emotions, heal, de-stress, discover hidden parts of yourself, and so much more. But privacy, outside judgement, and fears of what others may think sometimes hold us back from using our journal to its full potential.

In this age of global sharing, we are faced with the need to re-learn how to keep things sacred. Let’s make journaling personal again. Let’s grab our journals and hold them close to our hearts.

An art journal should be our safe haven to fully show up as our raw, messy, beautiful selves.

So let’s talk about setting boundaries, building sacred space, using an approach that makes us comfortable, and play with hidden journaling techniques – so that we can begin to see our journals as a safe haven to fully express ourselves not only with color, but with our words as well.

private journal

We all have different comfort levels and fears when it comes to creating and what people may think, and we are all so beautifully unique, so there is no right set of instructions to create your safe haven. In this mini workshop, Safe Haven Art Journaling, I’ll share with you what has worked for me, so you can explore what works best for YOU.

Ready? Join me at any time, the door is always open. The exchange for this offering is only $23; simply click on the Buy Now button below for instant access. :)

With love,

Note: If you have access to the first version of Art Journaling Roots (offered 2012-2015), then you already have access to much of what is shared in this workshop. Send me an email if you’d like extended access. :)

What’s included:

  pinkstarMy eight rules for every art journal
  pinkstarSuggestions on how to set boundaries and create sacred space
  pinkstarFour approaches to add written journaling to your art journal
  pinkstarThirteen of my most favorite hidden journaling techniques
  pinkstarSupportive videos, PDFs, and Cheat Sheets
  pinkstarAction steps for each lesson to get you exploring the concepts
  pinkstarSpace to share and ask questions with me and other class members
  pinkstarLifetime unlimited access to the classroom so that you can revisit at any time



quoteIs this course technique based? No, the lessons are more like inspiration, suggestions, and guidelines to get you exploring what works for YOU in creating a safe space to journal. The class is focused on creating a safe, private space, rather than the art and words you ultimately decide to put within it.

quoteWill this help me to overcome my own internal judgements? Keeping your journal more private and sacred may help you to loosen up a bit, but this class is more about keeping it safe from external judgment and easing the fear of others reading your written words. If you have a strong inner critic, maybe my more in-depth class Creative Soul Roots would be a better match for you.

quoteHow does this course work? Once registered, you’ll receive a login to access all of the content on a private website (with LIFETIME access!). We’ll utilize the comments section to discuss the content and learn from each other.

quoteDo I need to have a daily art journaling practice to benefit from this course? Absolutely not! Sometimes the worry of privacy or fears get in the way of us even starting. This workshop will help you to create a safe space to feel more at ease with journaling.

quoteWhat supplies will I need? Since this is not a technique workshop, there’s no specific supplies you need. Simply work these lessons into your own practice.

quoteHave any other questions? Feel free to email me at: hello{at}

Are you ready to explore how to create sacred space in your art journal
so that you can fully express yourself? Join us today for only $23.